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Frequent questions

Here we give you an answer to some doubts or frequent questions from our clients.

General questions

How do I deploy my application?

Our applications are configured for your business, you just have to install the latest version and log in, all your customizations will be loaded automatically.

What platforms are supported?

Our mobile applications run on iPhone, iPad, and most Android tablets and phones, depending on how they are designed. Tablets are better for data capture because they offer a richer data capture experience. For administrative use, we run them in any browser.

Why is my application not appearing in the Play Store or App Store?

If the application has been created solely and exclusively for internal use, the installers are sent to the respective users.

Basic questions

Is there a trial version of Spot Report?

A standard version can be offered, but it would not have all the functionalities, normally you have to make adaptations for each business.

Why should I log out?

Make sure you are not trying to log into two devices with the same user. Our app has a per-user license model where we allow you to log into a device with an account at any time. If you log into two devices with the same account, we will disconnect you from the first device. You will not lose any data, but you cannot share the user across multiple devices.

Why is the application slow and I can't work?

You may have a low internet signal, in this case, you must deactivate the data of the cell phone or device so that the application can work in offline mode, in this way you can work without any restrictions but it is important that once you want to close a task, connect the internet data of the cell phone or preferably make a connection with a Wi-Fi network to ensure that the information is sent correctly.

Do you have more questions?

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